Creating 3D Mockups: Step-by-Step Tutorial For Realistic Results

Hello Graphic Designers! How to Use 3D Mockups in Photoshop CC Tutorial

What are 3D Mockups?

If you are a designer, or plan to create printed materials, then you are no stranger to mockups. They are an essential part of the design process. But, have you ever thought of taking your mockups to the next level and create a 3D mockup? This type of mockup delivers a more realistic view of your design, making it look like it was already printed or mounted into its final product.

The 3D mockups are created by using software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, where you can add your design to a pre-built 3D model and manipulate it to fit your needs. The result is a print-ready mockup that you can present to your clients or use in your portfolio.

Here, we will discuss the steps on how to create 3D mockups in Photoshop CC, so you can add this skill to your design toolbox.

How to Create 3D Mockups in Photoshop CC?

Follow the steps below to create a 3D mockup in Photoshop CC:

  1. Search for a quality 3D mockup online and download it to your device.
  2. Open the mockup file in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  3. Ensure that the Layers panel is visible. If not, go to Window > Layers.
  4. Locate the “3D” layer, which should be listed in the Layers panel.
  5. Select the “3D” layer and open the 3D panel by going to Window > 3D.
  6. Select the 3D model that corresponds with the mockup design you downloaded.
  7. Click the “Replace Object” button in the Properties panel and select your design file.
  8. Adjust the position, scale, and rotation of your design to fit the 3D model nicely.
  9. Save your mockup or export it as a PNG or PDF file.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can add a realistic 3D mockup to your design project.

Where to Find 3D Mockups?

There are several websites where you can find quality 3D mockups for free or for purchase. Below are some of the websites you can visit:

  • Yellow Images
  • Mockup World
  • Placeit
  • Pixeden
  • Freepik

Feel free to browse through these websites and explore their offerings to find the perfect 3D mockup for your project.

With this tutorial, you can now add a new skill to your design arsenal and create impressive 3D mockups with ease. Remember to always keep practicing and experimenting to hone your skills further.

Thank you for reading and we hope this article was helpful in guiding you on how to use 3D mockups in Photoshop CC. Goodluck!