480 Washington Blvd Jersey City: Experience Luxury Living In The Heart Of The City

Exploring 480 Washington Boulevard in Jersey City, NJ 07310

Hello Graphic Designers, Welcome to Mockup Kaos! Today we will explore the stunning architecture of 480 Washington Boulevard, located in Jersey City, NJ 07310.

A Brief Overview

Designed by the respected architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, 480 Washington Boulevard is a commercial office building that stands tall with 33 floors and 518 feet height. Built using high-quality materials, the building is a testament to modern architecture with its sleek and elegant design.

Exterior Features

The exterior of 480 Washington Boulevard is breathtaking, featuring large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow ample natural light to enter. The building also features unique angles and curves, making 480 Washington Boulevard one of the most impressive landmarks in Jersey City. The building also has a beautiful rooftop garden, allowing tenants to enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

Interior Design

The interior design of 480 Washington Boulevard is equally stunning. The lobby features high ceilings, striking artworks, and sleek furnishings, giving off a sophisticated and modern feel. The elevators also have unique designs, adding to the building’s overall elegance.

Green Initiatives

Keeping up with modern trends, 480 Washington Boulevard has incorporated sustainable features into its design. The building has a smart heating and cooling system, which reduces the building’s energy consumption by up to 30%. The building also recycles and reuses water, further reducing its environmental impact.

The Surrounding Area

Aside from its stunning design and eco-friendly initiatives, 480 Washington Boulevard is located in an area with plenty of amenities. The building is within walking distance of several upscale restaurants and shopping centers, making it a convenient location for both work and play.


Additionally, the building is easily accessible via several modes of transportation. Commuters can take advantage of the nearby PATH train, which connects to NYC’s Penn Station. Several bus routes also service the building’s location.


In conclusion, 480 Washington Boulevard is undoubtedly one of the most impressive commercial buildings in Jersey City, NJ 07310. Its striking exterior, sleek interior, and eco-friendly initiatives make it a cutting-edge addition to the city’s urban landscape. Consider visiting this architectural masterpiece today!

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