276 Tonnelle Ave Jersey City

Explore Top Apartments and Multifamily Complexes on Tonnelle Avenue, Jersey City

Hello Graphic Designers, Welcome to Mockup Kaos! If you’re looking for apartments for rent or planning to invest in real estate, Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City is an ideal location. Here are some of the top apartments and multifamily complexes on Tonnelle Avenue.

20 Tonnelle Ave, Jersey City

Looking for a spacious and luxurious apartment? Look no further than 20 Tonnelle Ave. This apartment complex is designed to offer residents modern amenities and upscale living. The floor plans feature 1-2 bedrooms, an open living and dining area, and fully-furnished kitchen. Other amenities include a fitness centre, playground, and designated parking.

In addition to its extravagant features, this apartment building is conveniently located within walking distance of shopping, entertainment, and commuter links such as light rail station. With a comfortable commute to New York City, this Jersey City apartment complex is perfect for those working in the city but wanting to live outside the hustle and bustle of NYC. 

This apartment complex is a great investment opportunity as well. Being in a prime location and boasting high-quality amenities and services, it can serve as a desirable rental property to generate passive income.


  1. Modern amenities
  2. Convenient location
  3. Gourmet kitchens and sleek interiors


  1. Relatively higher rent
  2. Less affordable for low-income families
  3. Available units might be limited

78 Tonnelle Ave #2, Jersey City

78 Tonnelle Ave #2, located in the heart of Jersey City, is also a great option for apartment seekers and real estate investors. This apartment is a budget-friendly option without comprising on quality. The apartment has 1 bedroom, a modern kitchen, and a spacious living room. Like most apartments on Tonnelle Avenue, it is located within walking distance of shops and eateries. 

For investors, 78 Tonnelle Ave #2 is an excellent option since it guarantees a high return on investment. The real estate market in Jersey City is flourishing, and investing in apartments now can lead to significant returns in the future. The best part is, the city offers various tax incentives, which makes real estate investment more lucrative. 


  • Close to transport links
  • Affordable rent
  • Fully equipped kitchen


  • Smaller unit sizes
  • Less upscale amenities
  • No designated parking

88-94 Tonnelle Ave, Jersey City

88-94 Tonnelle Ave is a premium multifamily property in Jersey City. The property features three spacious units; two consisting of 2 bedrooms, and the third comprising of 3 bedrooms. Each unit has an open floor plan, modern furnishings, and a gourmet kitchen. The building has a rooftop patio with panoramic views of the city skyline, which is perfect for relaxing on a summer evening.

Another benefit of investing in 88-94 Tonnelle Ave is that the property is located in an area where the real estate market is experiencing rapid growth. The building is sure to appreciate over time, making it an excellent long-term investment. 


  • Upscale amenities and features
  • Close to shopping centers and public transit
  • Multiple apartment units for families or groups


  • Higher investment required
  • Maintenance can be expensive
  • Not suitable for single occupants

In Summary

Jersey City is a desirable destination for apartment seekers and real estate investors alike. Tonnelle Avenue is a great area to explore, with apartments that cater to a range of budgets and living preferences. Make sure to research the potential rental incomes, occupancy rates, and tax incentives before making an investment. We hope this guide has been helpful in finding your dream apartment or making a smart investment in the real estate market.